Hamsa Hand Jewelry Set

Great way to collect Hamsa Jewelry together

This is included :

Hamsa Hand Tibetan silver Pendant Necklace x 1

Hamsa Hand Tibetan silver Chain Bracelet x 1

Hamsa Hand Jewelry Set


Red Sweet Cherry Jewelry

Now you can get those red sweet jewelry in your collection

1. Red Sweet Cherry Jewelry Set


2. Red Sweet Dangle Earrings


3. Red Sweet Cherry Bracelet


Red Sweet Cherry Jewelry Set

Red Sweet Cherry Crystal Bead Earrings x 1

2 inches long earrings

Red Sweet Cherry Crystal Bead Charm Bracelet x 1

8 inches long bracelet

Brand New

Ship out next day with tracking number



Stars Jewelry Set

Stars Jewelry Set

Stars Jewelry Set

Included :

7 Stars Necklace x 1

Stars Stainless Steel Earrings x 1 pair

Two for one price

Limit time Only

Fashion Jewelry

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